As part of the global Oneschool, we share a language of learning that underpins our culture in which learning is personalised and progress is measured and celebrated.

Orientate Navigate Explore The Language of Learning uses ‘Orientate’, ‘Navigate’, and ‘Explore’ (O.N.E) to develop our students vocabulary and understanding of the learning process.
The context is that learning is a journey. To go on this journey, each student must have their own ‘backpack’- which is code for all the strategies students can use to help them work through a challenge.


This is the pre-assessment stage.

  • What am I being asked to do?
  • What are the expected outcomes?
  • What strategies could help me?
  • What strategies could help me?


The Create & Present Stage

  • What do I need to take on my journey?
  • What can I add to my backpack?
  • Where will I find it (teachers, friends, Canvas, internet…)?


The Evaluation & Reflection Stage

  • Can I link it to another topic and another subject? 
  • What worked well?
  • What feedback have I received?
  • How could I improve it (EBI)?
  • Have I taken it as far as I could?

Desirable difficulties enhance learning.