In their Science lessons Year 4 are studying ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’.  The children have been learning about different types of animals and the habitats they live in.  They recognise that environments can change and that this can sometimes pose dangers to living things.

On Friday 17th March Year 4 spent an exciting day at Colchester zoo to discover more about the habitats different animals live in which the zoo tries to replicate.  This was a wonderful day as the children could see for themselves all the different types of animals and habitats and learn more about them.

After lunch we went to the educational ‘class room’ for 45 minutes to learn more about endangered animals and what is happening to their habitats. We were allowed to look and touch real animal skins and guess what type of animal they were from and watch a video on habitats.

For their SDL project the children are to choose their own animal and habitat and research everything about it and present their information. They are also to make their own habitat out of junk modelling using the research they have found and display their models in school.