We want students to enjoy coming to school and to love learning in a safe environment. It is our goal that every student achieves what they are expected to and for most to achieve above this through excellent teaching and self-directed learning.

Our students are all individuals, with different abilities, needs and learning styles and we cater for all of these. At Stoke By Nayland Campus students enjoy termly visits, outside speakers, extra-curricular clubs and in addition to regular House events and a celebration assembly on Friday this generates a genuine community atmosphere in the school. Along with self-directed learning this tends to mean our students are confident and creative and converse well with each other and adults.

A recent school inspection report stated:

“Relationships between adults and pupils and among pupils themselves are very strong, creating a positive learning environment in which pupils feel valued, secure and supported.”

We have a very strong and pro-active Student Leadership that facilitates many changes within the school and contributes to the School Improvement Plan. The Student Leadership Team manages the Student Council and organises the Student Voice as well as other major school events throughout the year. Students share in the wider school vision and are often involved in teacher interviews, meetings with the CA Team and even curriculum discussions and timetabling.

We value our students opinions and expect them to get involved in school life and contribute to its continual growth.

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