Upholding our school’s committal to 100% attendance

Everyone can be ill once in a while. At SBN we credit our students with only having time off for a genuine reason, because together we all share in our commitment to attending school as much as possible. Not only do we expect high attendance, we know that there is a direct correlation between attendance and exam grades, and so we also expect students to catch up what they have missed while being absent.

At school, not catching up after being absent is like trying to cross a river using a bridge that has gaps in it – you may eventually reach the other side but with greater difficulty than had your method for crossing been intact. Likewise, gaps in your learning due to absence from school may not cause you to fail, but is sure to make your journey harder than it would have been had you caught up or not been absent in the first place!

To aid students in catching-up after being absent, on returning to school students must download and print out this ‘catch-up’ form or obtain it from their form tutor. [one form per day missed] They will need to find out from their subject teachers what they have missed and note this on the form. Having caught up with the missed work, the subject teachers and form tutor will sign the form to confirm this and then the completed form is to be given to the head teacher for reference.

Please support us in upholding our school’s committal to attendance, and when absent for genuine reasons, do your best to catch up!

School Absence Catch up Form

The Student Leadership Team