The Team’s roles & responsibilities

On the wall in the Boys’ Quiet Breakout Room, there is a quote which reads: ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts’.
It’s a remarkable quote.  You’re bound to have seen or heard it several times before now.   And right at this moment you are probably wondering why I haven’t yet attributed it to Winston Churchill.

To my surprise when researching this quote, there is no substantive evidence that Churchill actually ever made this remark.  In fact, not only is it judged to ‘not sound like his prose’, it is also frequently attributed to Abraham Lincoln.  Nevertheless, it is an inspirational quote which both Churchill and President Lincoln can be seen to have lived out in many ways: Lincoln lost five separate elections before being elected President, won a Civil War through library research to teach himself military tactics, and was elected for a second term despite believing this was not possible; Churchill had a speech impediment, struggled at school, and was responsible for initiating the disastrous Gallipoli campaign which cost the Allies around 50,000 lives in WW1 and haunted him for much of his lifetime; however, he continued to hold prominent offices in government, including as Prime Minister in WW2, when he ultimately saved Britain from a meticulously planned Nazi invasion by insisting on continuing the Battle of Britain with just a handful of fighter planes remaining.
This may seem beside the point, as we are thankful to say that leadership at SBN rarely requires military tactics to be employed, and we are not planning to declare a state of war any time soon.  However, the quote does sometimes seem to fit the bill quite neatly.

Success?  We are privileged to have an abundance of this at SBN, as was witnessed in the recent Talent Show, and is also showcased each week in our Friday morning award assemblies.  It is all around us – on display boards, screens and in books.  Yet this is not final.

Failure?  We are not exempt from this either, and as students we have much to learn and gain in our experience – sometimes things just do not work out as we planned.  Yet this is not fatal.
That is why we strive to have the courage to continue and never give up.  As a team we are committed to helping our school achieve its vision to become outstanding in the very near future, while improving the school as much as possible for the students and school community as a whole.  Focusing on Student Voice, Motivation, Communication, SDL Facilities and Events, we have the courage and determination to make our school a better, more enjoyable place for everyone; and what’s more we are relying on the wholehearted support of the students, parents, teachers and school community every step of the way to make it happen!

The Student Leadership Team

MEETINGS – The Student leadership team meets regularly with the Head Teacher and also has meetings with the CA team. Each meeting has an agenda and the minutes recorded in the SLT folder, which can be seen on request.