Parliament Week at SBN

UK Parliament Week is an annual festival that engages people from across the UK with Parliament, explores what it means to them and empowers them to get involved.

During the week of the 13th-17th of November we joined with schools around the country to celebrate Parliament Week by taking part in a number of activities. The week commenced with an assembly to share what the tasks would be for the different phases, who would also be competing in their House teams.

Years 9-13 – A debate on whether or not a Sugar Tax bill should be passed.

Years 7-8- A presentation on ‘Our country needs a government-WHY?’

Years 3-6- various activities to help them research for a Quiz about Parliament.

Please see the Task sheets and the Assessment Criteria given to each House Team.

During the week the teams were timetable specific lessons in which they could research their arguments and work on their presentations or speeches. The House Captains took responsibility of making sure that their teams were working on their task. These activities were planned so that the students had to use their self-directed skills to achieve well. From the results of the tasks set- they all achieved this incredibly well!

On Thursday 16th November we saw the culmination of all the researching and work.

On Friday 17th November our local MP James Cartlidge came to SBN –


Parliament Week was very successful this year…and we will definitely be signing up for next year!

If you want to know more about the organisation please look at their website –