I am delighted to welcome you to Stoke by Nayland Campus. I hope you find our website helpful and informative. Please feel free to contact us directly 01206 264230 if you require any further information about the school.

At Stoke by Nayland Campus our goal is to become an outstanding school.

We believe that learning should be exciting and is a reward in itself. We also believe that the Focus model of Self-Directed Learning will help to achieve our Vision of creating “A global education ecosystem that develops life ready students who learn how to learn.”

We believe that our self-directed model of Lesson-Study-Assignments which sees a 50-50 split between lessons and our Learning Centre improves students’ progress and prepares them for life outside of school. Teachers enable learning to happen through the role of coach and developing skills in their students. Students learn best through assignments which ultimately they can set themselves. Learning is a journey where students Orientate, Navigate and Explore and this develops the life ready skills they need once they leave school.

Research in 2002 unsurprisingly found that successful schools had:

  1. High quality teaching and learning
  2. A strong ethos and culture
  3. Rigorous monitoring and evaluation
  4. Strong leadership and curriculum improvements
  5. Excellent extra-curricular activities
  6. Good resources

At Focus School Stoke by Nayland Campus we are creating an outstanding culture which will mean that, combined with our SDL approach to learning, we will achieve long term sustainable success.

We have created a Squad SBN team culture brand joined to a Culture Statement and explained in ‘Our Culture Explained’ document. At SBN we work towards our goals as a cohesive team. Our culture is about our stakeholder groups and the values, principles and behaviours that we expect to see embraced by everyone in our team, both on and off our campus.

As a team of happy students, teachers and parents we care about each other, we respect each other, we believe that together we can exceed expectations, have fun, work hard and enjoy learning.

Our guiding purpose at school is to learn how to learn. We believe in empowering our students to direct their own learning path. We support them as coaches and guides on the side, ensuring they have the tools- in their back pack- to learn how to learn as they travel on their learning journey.

To quote Sir Chris Woodhead- “A school is not a fast food outlet. Education is not a product that can be delivered to any customer. It is a conversation. The benefit to the individual child depends upon that child’s ability to benefit (listen) and the schools ability to sustain the nature of the educational experience it offers.” I expect your children to have high expectations of themselves. This includes the desire to be academically successful, to behave appropriately, to attend school and to take pride in their uniform. We have five school values which I expect them to adhere to:

  1. Integrity
  2. Care and compassion
  3. Respect
  4. Responsibility
  5. Commitment

We will reward pupils who work hard, are successful in their studies, conduct themselves with decorum and who are successful in our One School Skills. These are academic achievement, leadership, involvement in the school, fulfilling potential and management. Celebrating success is a big part of our culture and we hold special Awards assemblies every Friday morning.

Leading business owners from within the Community have told us that they want students to leave Stoke by Nayland Campus with the following attributes:

  • Positive outlook
  • Self-motivated
  • Hard work- commitment
  • Team player
  • Self-organised

To achieve these goals we have developed a school culture where students are key members of the team, developing new initiatives and embedding them within the school as well as running existing events. At Stoke by Nayland we have an extensive Student Leadership Team.

This is a very exciting time to be at Stoke by Nayland and I welcome the opportunity to discuss these expectations with you. We believe in excellent communication and we produce a weekly E-News and weekly parent webinars outlining key aspects of our school and culture.

Please do contact the school if you have any questions and myself or any member of our team will be delighted to talk to you and to hear your feedback.

Kind Regards,

Mr Ivan Mulinder – HEAD TEACHER