At Stoke by Nayland Campus, we believe in celebrating student’s successes, be they in the class, on the PE field-or out of school.

As teachers we love to encourage students to keep moving forward and to strive to improve in all they set their mind and hand to. A teacher will often say that the best part about teaching- is not only seeing a student finally ‘get’ something that they had been struggling with- but also seeing the satisfaction on a students’ face- when they know they have done their best.

To celebrate, encourage and motivate the students we have a variety of awards that we give out weekly in our ‘Friday Awards Assembly’.

The following awards are given out in these assemblies:

  1. One School Skills
  2. Student of the week- all staff to nominate a student from all forms. Only one per key stage will be chosen.
  3. Subject awards- any subject teacher can give a certificate to a pupil who has produced/presented ‘WOW’ work. Need to have evidence of it e.g. photocopy or photo. (N.B- SDL WOW work – if in 3D form can be displayed at the front of the school- when display cupboard arrives)
  4. Squad SBN award
  5. Sports Award (Upper & Lower school)
  6. Student Leadership nominations- SLT to nominate someone in the school and give reason.
  7. Every Half term- Head Teacher award.

On Friday Afternoons, Years 3-6 have a short SMSC assembly.

The following awards are given out in these assemblies:

  1. Star of the week (Certificate and badge awarded)
  2. Birthday cards are also given out.

In class, at their discretion, teachers also awards students, for Spellings; reading; times tables etc.