House system at Focus School Stoke by Nayland

All of our students when entering the school at Year 3 are put into 1 of 3 houses; Raiders, Troopers or Warriors. They are put into the same house as their siblings to help with team spirit and they stay in the same house throughout their time at the school (up to year 13).

Within the houses there is a sixth form boy and girl who are the house captains and all staff/support staff are allocated a house to support too. Students gain house points for their team throughout the academic year and there is a termly house team prize and an annual one too. The termly ones are a reward within school e.g an Indian meal and the annual one is a school trip for all members of that house.

House points are won by house members across all age groups in all manner of forms. Good work within the classroom such as producing an excellent piece of work is rewarded and we also host a variety of inter-house competitions across a variety of curriculum subjects.

Students also participate in whole school inter-house events such as sports-day and music day. The house team captains often help organise these events and help motivate all of the students in their houses. All age students work cooperatively with each other to create team spirit and success.