School External Exam Results 2017-18


In 2018 Stoke By Nayland had a good but varied set of GCSE results. The Progress 8 score was 0.18 which would be considered Good, and GCSE Grade 5 and above 86%, and Grade 4 and above was 90%, of all the exams taken SBN GCSE students, 27.3% were grade 5s, which is significantly above the national average of 16.8%. The areas for development are the top most grades,  0% of SBN students achieved a grade 9, with the national being 4.3%, and our grade 8s were 4.5% which was below the national of 6.5%. Many excellent subject results and individual results.

English language VA of 1.5, Science VA of 0.9, and 100% of subjects met or exceed National figures for 4-9%