The Focus school day is a living experience that students, teachers and parents enter into, share and enjoy to form a vibrant learning partnership.

At Focus School Stoke By Nayland Campus, each day begins long before the students arrive at 08:45. Careful planning and organisation is required not only to ensure each student arrives on time and is ready for learning, but that the school is also ready to receive them. To us, things such as the uniform a child wears, the transport they use and the breakfast they have are all important elements of a successful and productive day.

The Focus curriculum and timetable provide a common platform on which the school day is based, giving scope for us to work with other Focus schools and share resources. We currently operate six periods of fifty minute lessons to facilitate a broad and appropriately allocated timetable across a wide range of subjects.

School finishes at 14:55, giving students valuable time to complete their homework and continue their studies at home.

School Hours

School hours are currently from 8.45am to 2.55pm. There are 6 lessons per day of 50
minutes duration for secondary pupils, with a 20 minute morning break and 40 minute
lunch break from 12.35 to 1.15pm.

Primary pupils register at 8.45am with a 20-minute
morning break and a 40-minute lunch break from 12.35 to 1.15pm.

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