The Primary Phase of the Focus School network begins in year 3 and ends at year 6, at which point the pupils transfer to our secondary campuses. In the Primary Phase, students make significant progress across a broad and balanced curriculum including the core subjects of Maths, English and Science, as well as a wide range of foundation subjects. This is supported by quality first teaching and rigorous, formative assessment. There is a focus on using assessment data to establish what level of work students are able to produce, and this information is used effectively to plan for and deliver the next teaching and learning steps.

The National Curriculum provides a benchmark for the minimum that pupils should attain to, but a high percentage of students exceed these levels. This is achieved through a supportive and encouraging environment and a belief that all pupils can, and should, reach their full potential in everything they do. There is a positive culture of collaboration and team working evident amongst staff and a professional attitude to school improvement.

Students begin to integrate the skills of SDL into their learning in Year 3. As they progress through the primary years, they take increasing responsibility for their learning in preparation for Year 7, where their learning is primarily self-directed.

Classes are generally small and of mixed ability, therefore the transition from teacher-directed to self-directed learning fits well with our schools structurally and with our goal for developing self-directed learners with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values for lifelong learning.

Years 3-6 Overview