The years 7-9 students got together in their houses on the 20th March 2017 to come up with their solution to the –

  • Largest bubble
  • Most creative bubble

The big question – Inter-house Science Question

Watch them in action…..

The students comments –

  • I really enjoyed exploring the different options of what we could do with bubbles. For example, we made a bubble with a leaf in it and it was also fun making the bubble mixture. It was good watching everyone at the end show us their ideas and especially like the team that got a bin and blew into it, to make a lot of bubbles.
  • It was fun and a perfect amount of time and I like the ‘hectic’ environment.
  • It was great to work as a team, especially mixing age groups, so we got to work with students we don’t usually work with
  • It was very interesting as I never knew how big we could get the bubbles to be
  • It took a lot of thinking and research on how to do it, but it was an awesome day.