Positive Mental Health and Well-being

Mental Health is a growing concern in all schools across the country. It is affecting approximately one in ten of every classroom and so we, at Stoke by Nayland, aim to recognise and respond to this, by promoting a safe and stable environment for all students.

We will also pursue this aim using both universal whole school approaches and specialised, targeted ones- aimed at vulnerable students.

The procedures to which the campus will adhere to are outlined in the policy –

On the Student Council there is a Well-being Silo, who regularly meet together, and with Miss Ives, to discuss ways to promote student well-being at Stoke by Nayland.

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact Miss Ives – alison.ives@focus-school.com


Please find the following helpful resources attached:

Miss Alison Ives |Wellbeing Lead
Email: alison.ives@focus-school.com