10 Feb

  • By SBN

Safer Internet Week 2017 was designed to raise awareness of the importance of eSafety amongst students, parents and staff.

Safer Internet Week 2017 acted as a launch pad for an eSafety Curriculum to be embedded across the FLT curriculum. The views of parents and students helped to ensure the curriculum was fit for purpose and in future, we hope to create an eSafety Committee to monitor the impact and direction of our work at campus level. The theme of the week was Online Photographs – who gets to see them, thinking about whether people would be happy to have their photo shared and how everything we do online stays there forever – our digital footprint.

During the week students learnt about many more aspects of e-safety:

  • SECURE PASSWORDS – Whilst passwords are set at school, students may create their own at other times. A password activity instantly demonstrated how secure our passwords are and why they are secure. Try it yourself – https://howsecureismypassword.net/
  • CYBER BULLYING – Cyber bullying was explored through Videos and lesson plans.  Years 3-8 were introduced to Captain Kara and Winston’s Smart Crew animations, used to highlight issues online, if you are not careful and sensible.
  • S.M.A.R.T. – Staying safe with 5 simple rules
    1. Stay safe online
    2. Don’t Meeting up with people you meet online
    3. Don’t Accept unknown files or emails
    4. Only use Reliable websites
    5. Tell an adult you trust if you see something you don’t like

As well as all this learning we also ran a few competitions.  Designing posters, creating raps and plays and designing mouse mats.