17 Nov

  • By SBN

On Friday 17th November 2017, SBN were privileged to welcome James Cartlidge, MP for Suffolk South, for two sessions of Q and A’s with the students.

In period 1 he spoke to Years 9-13 and in period 2 he spoke to Years 3-8.

A highlight of his time with us- has got to be teaching the years 3-8 how to do the ‘Parliamentary ‘bobbing’! This was explained to the students because in Parliament they don’t put their hands up to gain the Speakers attention- they stand up! James then went on to talk about the intricacies of ‘bobbing’- and how MP’s had various strategies to accomplish the goal- of being allowed to ask a question! We were all shocked to learn that he had once been bobbing in the House of Commons from 11-8pm- and never got chosen to ask his question!

Mr Cartlidge was very easy to listen to and all the students enjoyed meeting him and finding out what he had to say about Parliament. As he left he gave us, as a school, an invitation to go to Parliament ourselves- saying that we would just need to contact his office! We definitely will take him up on that offer!