07 Mar

  • By SBN

Becky Warren from NRICH – an organisation affiliated to Cambridge University – produced a fun day where the whole school had time out of lessons to explore the fun side of Maths! There were lots of hands on puzzles and problems to solve and it was great to see all students actively involved and it has given us ideas of what we could do in school.

There were two words that were the objectives of the day…perseverance and communication.

  • Perseverance- students to show that they can keep on going trying to work out problems.
  • Communication-students to work in groups or with a partner and show that they can talk through problems together.

Becky said that she really enjoyed doing the roadshow at our school and thought that the students behaviour was brilliant! She liked that all the students listened well and worked out how to solve the problems by talking it through with their partner.

The response about the roadshow from students and teachers has been really positive and we hope has planted the seed that we need to work at problems to solve and not give up straight away!

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