03 Feb

  • By SBN

A Big Question was asked of Year 6…could they teach younger children something about Fractions?

They then had to select a ‘pupil’ from Year 5 and some from Year 4- and ascertain what they already knew about fractions- and what they might need to know now.
After the ‘consultation’, Year 6 had to work out what they were going to teach their pupil and then write an individualised lesson plan for them!
They had to think about what their ‘pupil’ would find helpful and made their own worksheets, games and PowerPoints.
Wednesday Morning period one came…and they found their ‘pupils’ and began their lessons…The results were awesome!
Mrs Duehring, Mrs Sharpe, Miss Pallister and I went around the groups, listening to the lessons- and we were all flabbergasted at the quality of the lessons that the Year 6 were teaching!