The Art of Presentation

On Monday we were very fortunate to welcome Cameron Marshall (Chef and proprietor) and Adam (Head Chef) from ‘The Boathouse’ restaurant in Dedham. Together they provided an interactive demonstration of a variety of different approaches and techniques to be used to enhance the presentation of a chocolate brownie dessert using the same produce.

Year 9-13 students were delighted to have this opportunity and approached the ‘plate-up’ challenge with focus and determination.   The brief set by the chefs was for students to work in pairs to plate up two brownie desserts.  One needed to be death by chocolate and the other needed to focus on using fruit. 

Although many of the techniques required great dexterity and patience, students quickly mastered new skills including the piping of chocolate and fruit coulis. The results were very impressive and I’d go as far as to say ‘show stopping’.  Each plate showed a tremendous amount of creativity resulting in the food looking highly attractive and appetising.  Judging was both tense and extremely difficult as standards were so high.   These techniques will prove to be invaluable for pupils as they develop the skills required to submit their practical work at GCSE and for the Chef Skills qualification.  I’m one very proud food teacher.   C. Burnyeat


“It was a very good and enjoyable 4 periods of the day.  I learnt a lot and it was epic to see proper chefs at work and to see how they think in relation to the presentation of food.”   Morgan year 11
“Having proper chefs in with extensive knowledge about food styling, was extremely instructive and very fun! There were so many creative ideas and I think everyone who was there appreciated the value of it in both Chef Skills and in GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition.”   Jade Year 11Really enjoyed the food styling and presentation session with the Dedham Boathouse Chefs. Incredible chocolate piping skills and presentation. It was good to have a go yourselves at presentation with brownie. Gave me loads of ideas of presentation with desserts.”  Josie Year 11