Year 4 visited Colchester Castle on 20th October 2016 as part of their history topic work on the Romans.  The children spent the day looking at the Roman artefacts and answering questions on their worksheets entitled ‘Ancient Colchester Schools’ Trail.

Then the children found out about Iron Age Life, what they made and how they lived.  In the Round House exhibition they tried on the Celtic clothing and pretended to cook with the cooking pots.  They learnt how archaeologists discover new objects which give clues to this way of life.

We then moved onto the Roman Invasion and learnt more about the Roman Army and some children dressed up as Roman Soldiers.  Interactive videos showed how the Roman Army lived and how the British Army of 2016 live today.  We watched a short film on the rise of Boudicca and how the city of Camulodunum (Colchester) was burnt to the ground.  The children also had a go at racing a chariot around the track on an interactive video. They held the reins and moved them left or right to race the horses.

Finally, we split into two groups to build a Round House and a Roman Villa which we could then sit/stand in to see what it must have been like to be a Celt or a wealthy Roman Citizen.

The children had a terrific time and learnt so much and have written a recount of their visit.