I think that Bikeability is really fun, you learn how to use a bike properly on the road. The first session, we were in the playground and going in and out of cones and learning when to look behind and when to signal. We were each given a road safety booklet about all the different signs and the green cross code and other things. The next 3 sessions were us going on the roads and learning how to give way and when to signal and stuff you’re meant to do on the road. I’m loving it!

By Keilah Smith

On the 5th of May 2017, Miss Ives told us she had a surprise for us…then she told us that it would start on Monday 15th May 2017 and it also involved bikes!! By now most people had guessed…we were doing Bikeability!!! A violent “YES!!!” spread across the classroom and it started to get noisy…but annoyingly we had to do SATs first!
We did our SATs to our best ability on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, then on Friday we chilled out! We then got ready for Bikeability over the weekend.
A problem we had was getting bikes to school-but after much preparation we managed to do it!
We started Bikeability on Tuesday. Miss Ives put us into 2 groups- one group in the morning and the other in the afternoon.
The first day we spent in the playground and the first thing we did was learn how to signal left and right and remember to check behind over your right shoulder.
Wednesday was following on from Tuesday- but on the road! We had to travel in a long line- called a snake. We went to a T-Junction and practiced doing U-turns and turning from a major road to a minor road.
Thursday was on the road again at a different T-junction, turning from a minor road into a major road. We also learnt how to check our bikes to see if they’re road worthy.
Friday- the last day! We all have passed Level 1 and 2 which is brilliant!
We have all really enjoyed Bikeability this week!

By Rhylan Webberley