On 16th January 2017 a group of 30 students from Years 10, 11 and 12 visited the Velodrome at the Olympic Park, Stratford. We planned this particular visit for a number of reasons. Since the 2012 Olympics cycling has become one of the most popular recreational activities, attracting a wide audience and age range.

Many of our students have their own bikes at home and cycle in their free time. The trip enabled students to experience track cycling at a high quality venue and allowed them to develop their own technical skills on a fixed wheel bike. This in itself is a very different cycling concept to what they are used to.

The session was run by 2 qualified coaches who directed and guided our students. During the session students learnt how to control and handle the bike at different speeds, how to overtake safely and how to utilise the whole of the track effectively.

All students participated fully and really enjoyed the experience and were keen to participate in cycling further in the future.

Mrs A. Brown and Mr M. Sawtell