6 Trophies & 1 cup!

EAST ANGLIA DAILY TIMES – SBN hit the headlines!!

Thursday 27th is a day that not only Year 12’s will remember, but is a milestone for the school, for decades we will remember this day; it will be a talking point around the dining room table every night for weeks!!! Bringing back an astonishing 7 awards and the honour of having our school name engraved on the trophy which we get keep for a year is more than any of the Nine Wicker’s could ever have imagined! When starting the company in October we came up with some company objectives that we knew we would be difficult to achieve;

  • – To create stunning an innovative products that impress and appeal to all
  • – To create a loyal customer base of satisfied customers
  • – Maintain a positive cash balance without liabilities, except credit purchases

– To achieve a profit of £1500 or more by April 2017


Our Young Enterprise Objective and Our Main Aim was to reach the Regional Final of the Young Enterprise Competition.


We also set Company Personal Objectives, which included;

– To understand how business works and how to overcome problems in business

– To gain an understanding and experience of good customer service


I think we can happily say that we have achieved most of these objectives, however we will not let this stop us from growing and expanding the business further to get the most out of the YE Programme. As a team we have achieved a Total Revenue of £4856 and a staggering Total Profit of £2158!!!

Our Objective to reach the Regional Finals of the Young Enterprise Competition was more of a dream but we have turned this into a reality, as a result on 20th June we will be going to Cambridge to compete against the winners from Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Hertfordshire in the Regional Finals of this Competition! We have all learnt SO much from the Young Enterprise experience and Thursday evening only added to the whole learning curve for all of us!!

Arriving on Thursday at the University of Suffolk in Suits, Ties and Hats, after an ecstatic journey which included singing ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ and the whole team questioning each other about our business, questions such as; How did we conduct market research, Final Profit and Revenue Figures, why we assigned certain people to specific roles, what the future for our business is, and the list could go on!!! But we arrived safely at the UoS laden with boxes of our stock, paperwork, updated accounts and display boards, we reached the 2nd floor having 20 minutes to set up our stall before the judges came for a look and the interview process to begin…Also having time for a run through of our presentation very good even though we arrived back on our stall as the judges were reaching our stall to start the interview process! The interview process was quite a gruelling experience but we managed to charm the judges with our knowledge and passion for the business as well as have clear and defined goals to map the path ahead for our company! We then tucked into a buffet style tea which was thoroughly enjoyable, with a wide range of sandwiches and cakes offered to suit everyone’s taste! We then had a few more run-through’s of the presentation as well as having a look at the other stall’s and seeing how the other teams had all chosen on their product, how they had used different techniques to us which we will use in the future. All was a great learning experience! Guests then started to arrive at 4.30 with a lot of loyal customers turning up to support us! They had a chance to look at our stall as well as other stalls and genuinely have a great evening!! We then all went to the stage area to be welcomed by the HR Manager of UoS (who later told one of Nine Wicks that she was very impressed with our stall and presentation!) She started her speech by saying that it was hard to concentrate and not smile when seeing bright yellow hats in the audience (one great marketing tip and great brand awareness for our company!! :D) We then went into the eight Young Enterprise Presentations! The first presentation was really good so we all got slightly worried that this competition was going to be hard and fierce! We were the 4th presentation and thankfully experienced no technical hitches with IT equipment which was a great relief! Starting our presentation by walking in from the back of the hall seemed to cause a little bit of confusion to some of the audience as wee grabbed the mikes and set off for the exit! But then blowing all of the audience away and grabbing their attention as we walked confidently and purposefully towards the stage to the hit song ‘Happy’, getting the audience buzzed from the start gave us the drive and enthusiasm to launch into a passionate speech about our company!! Right to the last minute of our presentation we were confident and clear, not forgetting any of the key Public Speaking that we have learnt over the weeks! After the Presentations we had a speech from Prof. David Collins, the Head of Suffolk Business School while the judges had the tough decision of deciding who the awards should be given to!

Results and a Awards Presentation was then held at 7.30pm, by which time most of us were getting rather anxious and tense after the long day! But we didn’t need to worry!….taking home a total of 7 awards including the Trophy which will have our school engraved onto it and we get to keep for a whole year!!!

Winning 4 minor awards, 2 Level Two awards and the Overall Best Company was definitely not expected!!!

All the companies were judged in three stages, the competition starting when we handed in our Business Report before Easter. Being Judged out of a 100 for our Business Report, Trade Stand and Interview as well as our Company Presentation! The Judges read through all the reports a couple of times before Thursday, decide the Trade Stand winner and Best Company Presentation on Thursday as well as having to decide who to give awards to! The awards we won came at a HUGE surprise to all of us – not expecting to win these awards at all but clearly showing the passion, teamwork and drive for our company!


The Awards included;

The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Communications Award
The University of Suffolk
Company Administration Award SBN WON
East Coast College
Customer Focus. Marketing and Sales Award
Ensors Accountants LLP
Financial Systems & Results Award SBN WON
The Suffolk County Council

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award
The West Suffolk College
Objectives Setting/Planning and Review Award
Problem Solving/Overcoming Adversity Award
The Framlingham Technology Centre
Product Development Award SBN WON
The Suffolk New College

Skills and Understanding Award SBN WON
The East of England Co-operative Society

Social Innovation Award
The Haven Gateway Partnership
Teamwork Award
The Healeys Print Group
Best Green/Environmentally Aware Product Award

The Associated British Ports
Best Company Report Award
The Adnams Southwold
Best Trade Stand Award SBN WON
The British Telecom
Best Presentation Award SBN WON

Ransomes Jacobsen Limited
Runner Up Award
The EDF Energy
Overall Winner Award SBN WON


I am not quite sure where to start with everyone we have got to thank! We would like to thank all of you who have either brought a product, given us business tips and advice – without you we would never have got this far! Also a massive thank you to Miss Ives, she has come to our weekly meetings over the past year – giving very valuable advice, support and encouragement when we have needed it – organising meetings, looking after loose cash and phoning up the bank, supervising us when fundraising – she has always been a great help and enthusiastic!!!  As well as, Lee Goody and Chris Napthine, I do not think we can say a big enough thank you to them; without these two souls we would have never got as far as we have!!!!! Lee and Chris have given up countless hours of their private time, family time and work time to support us. I don’t think we are able to get over enough to all of you their overwhelming support! We would like to thank you for the incredible evenings we had over the holidays to work on the presentation with the team; the feedback and enthusiasm you had for our company was insane!!!! A huge thank you to Lee who has spent Monday evening filling in forms and watching Bus videos so he was able to drive us to UoS yesterday, spent Monday and Tuesday in school helping the presentation team with the delivery of the presentation, has spent time at home sending passionate and enthused emails to all of us, motivating us for yesterday! A huge thanks for driving us yesterday and spending the evening at UoS helping us! A massive thanks to all those who helped us with the presentation during the holidays – we would never have got it soo good without your constructive criticism!! As well as Mrs Baker who has helped us to be confident and clear speakers, as well as helping us with what is really important with a speech! A big thanks to the Year 13 students who have always been willing to help – Cameron and Sam who have helped with the accounts side of the business and Cameron for helping to proof read the report on Friday evening when he had more important things to do!!! Denver has given us a lot of help with how to present, Jyden has been a big help at trading days with selling, a lot have helped with fundraising which has been vital for us to grow our business and prevent cash flow problems! A BIG, BIG thanks to everyone who came to support us yesterday – without your support we wouldn’t have been as pumped and enthused as we were! A big thanks to all the parents who have clearly sacrificed a lot of time, whether its driving us to markets, getting ready to have friends to stay so that we can carry on making up reed diffusers into the dead of night, helping drive us to school during the holidays, putting up with random boxes of smelly stuff around the house, and dealing with us when we were stressed after a long day at school!!!! And last but definitely not least a huge thanks to Mr Mulinder who believed in us all along, he has always been interested and ready to help us when we have needed his help, whether it is clearing up after us or coming in over the holidays to unlock the school so that we can make up reed diffusers, he has never complained!!!!!!!