An excellent visit to Suffolk Show on the 31st May & 1st June!  We headed up there on Wednesday morning to find a small but extremely creative stall ready for success.  With the vast amount of reed diffusers already made up, we were determined we could sell every one!  However, the first start of Wednesday’s sales were very hard to get – with people just walking on by with no regard for Nine Wicks, and when you approached them, they said they had better things to do.  So, something had to be done.  We started handing out free sweets, water and offering a scented reed diffuser stick to any passer-by for them to see what they were like – and slowly but surely, people became converted to the scents we were offering and we weren’t too bad after all!  And in saying this – we made £3597 over the 2 days we were there!  This was a fantastic result considering a slow start!